Using Milk of Magnesia Acne

Milk of Magnesia Acne Treatment

Milk of Magnesia is actually magnesium hydroxide (which is a solution mixture of magnesium). It is a great alternative acne treatment for people with naturally oily skin. Milk of Magnesia is naturally a good laxative because it helps relax muscles, reduce stomach acid and increase intestinal water. However, it has surprisingly effective results as an acne treatment also.


Is Milk of Magnesia Good For Acne?

So how does Milk of Magnesia help acne when it seems to be more useful for your intestines? The answer is that the same effects it has on your stomach, it has on your oily skin. Using Milk of Magnesia for acne has shown to reduce oily skin because it acts like a magnet pulling excess oil away from the face. It can either be consumed in pill form, or put directly on your face in liquid form. Milk of Magnesia has natural zinc for scar healing, anti-bacterial qualities to fight acne, and pore shrinking properties for healthier looking skin.


Using Milk of Magnesia for Acne Treatment

Milk of Magnesia can be applied as a daily toner before makeup, as a mask, or even as an acne spot treatment. The Milk of Magnesia will actually dry out a troublesome zit when spot treated overnight and prevent any further eruption on your face. As a toner, it reduces pore size and makes skin more receptive to makeup. Remember though that if using Milk of Magnesia as a toner, brush it on very lightly with your ring finger to avoid white cast on your skin. It is also very effective at drying your face so be cautious at first to see how much your face can handle.


One of the most recognized aspects of Milk of Magnesia by doctors is that is contains high quantities of natural zinc. Plenty of research and reports showcase that using zinc for acne has remarkable benefits for your face so combining that with the powerful effects of Milk of Magnesia make a tag team worth remembering! Many people have reported that their face looks calm and smooth after consistent treatments.


Milk of Magnesia Acne Mask

Milk of Magnesia seems to be most effective when used as a face mask for acne. It’s natural skin tightening qualities can create a smoother looking face in addition to the other amazing benefits of zinc and oil reduction. To use as a mask, simply apply a thin layer on your dry face after a normal wash. Let the Milk of Magnesia dry completely on your face (about 20 minutes) and rinse with warm water. Since it is such a drying agent, remember to use a moisturizer afterward. If you’re looking for a healthy and natural moisturizing option, check out coconut oil for acne or jojoba oil for acne.


Milk of Magnesia Acne
Milk of Magnesia Acne

Where Can I Get Milk of Magnesia?

The most common brand of Milk of Magnesia comes from Phillips. Not to say that other brands aren’t good, but this brand has been the top seller for a long time. The most important thing to remember when selecting a Milk of Magnesia brand is to avoid the ingredient mineral oil. The mineral oil completely counteracts the natural benefits of the Milk of Magnesia and can actually worsen acne. You can find Milk of Magnesia at a local drugstore or if you’re like me, just pick up the liquid version here or the tablet version here at Amazon. Personally, I’d recommend the liquid form though.



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