Using Honey For Acne

One of the greatest homemade remedies for acne actually consists of something very common in nature. Using honey for acne has unbelievable benefits for your face and this is going to tell you WHY honey is great, HOW to use the honey, and WHERE to get honey that is right for you. Buckle up because this will be the exploration path we’ve been waiting for.

(If you’re anything like me, I am mostly just interested in the HOW and WHERE part about the honey for acne. So I’ll leave the WHY part to the end if you actually have the desire to learn and understand what is happening to your face from the positive results of the acne. If not, then just get whatever info you need and go get that acne done!)


How to Use Raw Honey For Acne

Preferred for Raw, Organic Honey
Preferred for Raw, Organic Honey

If there’s one thing that most experts agree on, it’s that RAW honey is far greater for you than any processed honey. Both in terms of healthier eating, and better healing properties. There are also multiple types of honey with different levels of effectiveness depending on how much you are willing to pay for it. Think of it like everything else, the better it is for you, the more expensive it is (isn’t that a backwards mentality for our society…). First we can talk acne mask, then discuss how to use different mixtures for scrubs or acne treatments. Now, I’m not going to overwhelm you with 50+ different ideas to try because there are thousands of ideas out online about how to use honey for acne. This will focus on the top 3 things for each category so you can choose your preference from the best as opposed from the masses.


Honey Mask For Acne

Mask 1 – Straight Raw, Organic Honey

Sometimes, the original is the absolute best. Here’s a straight-no-chaser style of mask.

  1. Wash face with usual face wash and pat dry your face
  2. Get real organic honey (not the common stuff in the store)
  3. Take small amount in hand/fingers and apply on face covering acne
  4. Leave on for 20-30 minutes
  5. Rinse with warm water and pat dry

Tips & Caution: honey is a common allergen so please test beforehand on inner elbow. The sticky-ness of honey has fantastic effects to pull away dirt and dead skin while the antioxidants in honey make skin look fresh and young.


Mask 2 – Honey and Cinnamon

A mask of honey and cinnamon for acne can work wonders for bacteria removal. Cinnamon is a powerful eliminator of acne bacteria on the face.

  1. DO NOT wash face beforehand as the cinnamon will do that
  2. Mix 2-to-1 ratio of raw honey and cinnamon (2 tablespoons of honey and 1 of cinnamon)
  3. Rinse face with warm water and apply mixture scrubbing VERY gently
  4. Leave on face for 10-15 minutes after gently scrubbing
  5. Wash with warm water and pat dry
  6. OPTIONAL – If face feels excessively dry, apply toner and moisturizer

Tips & Caution: Using cinnamon and honey for acne carries risks because both are common allergens so please test beforehand on inner elbow. This mixture works best when fresh! Lastly, give this mask some time because it works more on the deeper level of skin layers so results may come after 1 to 2 weeks instead of immediately.


Mask 3 – (For Sensitive Skin) Aloe Vera and Honey Mask

Using aloe vera for acne is well known for being gentle on skin and especially on people who have common itchiness, redness, or inflammation on their face. Aloe Vera helps to soften, smooth, moisten and can even tone sensitive skin.

  1. Mix even tablespoon fulls of honey and Aloe Vera juice (let it stand for about 10 minutes and do Step B in meantime)
  2. Wash face with usual face wash and pat dry your face
  3. Apply thin layer of mixture on  your face
  4. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and gently rinse with warm water. Pat dry

Tips & Caution: Although there are no known allergic reactions to Aloe Vera, it’s always best to test beforehand on inner elbow. This mixture works best when fresh!


Where to Get the Right Type of Honey

When thinking about using honey to treat acne, you should know there are multiple types of honey available. I know, that can be confusing so let’s walk through it and rank the best and top 2 honey to use on face and where to get them.


Honey #1 – Manuka Honey for Acne

Manuka honey is highly regarded as the absolute best honey for acne. If you care to know why, feel free to click manuka honey acne and I’ll explain all the ins-and-outs. Otherwise, let’s just talk about where to get it. It’s crucial to understand that manuka honey has thousands of imitators on the market so here’s the basics to know the good from the bad. There is a ratings system called MGO (methylglyoxal) rating. This measures the naturally occurring chemical in manuka honey making it so special. If the product has an MGO 400 + rating or higher it is considered to be good quality. This means the product contains at least 400 milligrams of the chemical methylglyoxal which is the differentiator in manuka honey. Here is a good example of a well-rated MGO manuka honey.

The other great rating system is called UMF (Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association) which also rates manuka honey to restrict imitators. A UMF rating of 15+ or greater is considered quality. Here is a good example of a well-rated UMF manuka honey.


Honey #2 – Raw Organic Honey for Acne

If you’re going to use honey on your face and don’t want to pay large amounts for manuka honey, maybe organic raw honey can work for you. This is not your typical store bought, golden honey. In fact, organic honey is more like peanut butter because it hasn’t been processed. When raw honey is processed, the heat actually kills all the active ingredients that make honey great for antibacterial purposes. You can typically find raw honey at a specialty shop like Trader Joe’s. However, if you don’t have one nearby, consider using this raw honey.
Both of these honey choices will work perfectly with any of the masks discussed above. Feel free to check out the other pages with details and you’ll find everything you need for more ways to conquer acne. Best of luck!


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