Oils (YES OILS!) that can clear acne!

The best essential oils for acne
The best essential oils for acne

A new article came out the other day by Cosmopolitan UK describing the 10 best oils to use to help fight oily skin and acne breakouts. It was a short and interesting piece that didn’t go into much detail about how to actually use the oils, but nevertheless it was good. It was quite similar to the post I created about How To Use Essential Oils for Acne back a while ago and showcased most of the same oils. The difference is here I’ll actually help you understand HOW to use the oils safely and effectively on your face.


Overall, the list is very comprehensive and complete. They just don’t have a great amount of instruction on how to use these oils effectively. For example, did you even know jojoba oil is considered a “carrier oil” which means it acts as a transition oil for other oils to penetrate deeper into the skin? Basically, it means you can mix jojoba oil with something like lavender or tea tree and multiply the acne fighting effects! It allows for a great mix-and-match approach since everyone has different acne problems. Feel free to check out a more detailed list at my article How To Use Essential Oils For Acne.


Here’s the list of oils mentioned in the Cosmo UK article:

  • Jojoba oil – A carrier oil great for moisturizing and bringing other essential oils for acne deeper into skin
  • Aloe vera essential oil – A very vitamin rich oil specializing in anti-inflammation and scar healing. Check out my Aloe Vera for Acne page to see more about how to use it
  • Geranium essential oil – Helps tighten skin pores and reduce oil production in the face
  • Tea tree essential oil – A great anti-bacterial oil for smoothing and calming nasty breakouts.
  • Myrrh essential oil – Fantastic combination of acne fighting and anti-aging wrinkle reduction
  • Patchouli essential oil – Great for tightening pores and eliminating bacteria on your face
  • Roman chamomile essential oil – Reduces inflammation and redness while revitalizing skin
  • Eucalyptus essential oil – Excellent anti-bacterial properties
  • Lavender essential oil – Well known for calming severe breakouts and smoothing skin. Also smells great!


Here is the original article from the Cosmopolitan UK if you’d like to see it.


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